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Kelsey listing to a client.

Kelsey D. Haynes

I’m a strategic communicator by day. And by night? I help create magic for brands and blog about my life experiences navigating adult life as a millennial. It keeps me busy, but when you enjoy what you do it’s all considered having fun.


As an event manager I've designed signage, developed and tracked budgets, led volunteer planning committees and scouted and booked event spaces. I've also had the pleasure of securing and working with special guests and major event sponsors. Working in the nonprofit industry has given me a range of experiences I wouldn't trade for the world.

UMKC Women's Basketball team celebrating


Although it’s been nearly seven weeks since the KC Roos women’s basketball team made UMKC history by winning the WAC tournament championship, the celebration and excitement carry on as if it had just happened yesterday. We caught up with head coach Jacie Hoyt and leading point guard, senior Ericka Mattingly to reflect upon the team’s incredible journey leading up to this major win and their hopes for the future.

media relations receipt

Media Relations

My media experience ranges from helping to coordinate and manage press conferences, traditional news releases and advisories and pitching story ideas. Each of the below examples are from releases I've drafted with information and links to coverage included.

Leading under pressure

The passing of Henry Bloch had a major impact on Kansas City. He was more than an entrepreneur, he was a mentor, philanthropist, friend to many and big part of the UMKC community. Our team was prepared to manage communications efforts after his passing and, with the communications leadership team out of the office, I stepped up to manage the flood of media requests. I coordinated a joint interview for two local TV stations with the dean of the Henry W. Bloch School of Management and a separate student interview on camera about the impact of Henry Bloch. I also scheduled the dean for an on-air radio interview the following day.

Securing Coverage

Civil engineering professor John Kevern has been at the forefront of helping to address urban flooding issues in Kansas City. He is the inaugural director of the Center for Urban Stormwater Research, a partnership with KC Water, and a leading expert on stormwater within the civil engineering industry. I worked with a writer from New York City-based Sidewalk Labs’ official blog, Sidewalk Talk, to coordinate an interview with Kevern to discuss the Center’s innovative efforts in stormwater management.

Content Creation

Given the heightened eagerness to support Black Americans in their 400-plus year fight for life, equity, social justice and civil rights; we saw the recognition of Juneteenth more widely shared across social media platforms. I think that’s great! To help raise awareness about the meaning and history of Juneteenth, I launched a campaign to encourage brands and influencers to not just post about Juneteenth; but to actually learn about Juneteenth.I drafted three posts with images created on Canva and accompanying copy to share in the days leading to the holiday.

I answered three questions

What is Juneteenth?, Why do we celebrate Juneteenth?, and How non-Black citizens can observe Juneteenth; and included an additional note encouraging brands and influencers to take time to dive in and learn more about what the holiday is rather than just posting a message on social media and moving on.

How I achieved my reach

I created a Google doc with background information on my campaign idea, as well as, my post copy and images and shared it via email inviting friends and colleagues to share as they see fit, whether they wanted to use the material I shared with them or share the posts from my pages -- most simply shared what I posted on my social media accounts.

Juneteeth Post

Facebook Results

Day 1

754 total reach 36 post clicks 38 engagements

Day 2

133 total reach, 4 post clicks 7 engagements

Day 3

239 total reach 10 post clicks 11 engagements

My goal was to raise awareness about Juneteenth and #protectourhistory by encouraging brands to be intentional about their motives behind not only posting during Juneteenth but also going forward in the awakening of our cou

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